Company vision

Our starting point

Creating value for society.

Make yourself indispensable.

Decades ago, we decided to stop simply manufacturing our products the way we were told. Instead, we became a manufacturer of original production facilities.
However, when we first started doing this, the business got stuck sometimes.
Just when we were thinking that we could not keep going much longer, one company told us that it would cause problems for them if we went bankrupt because we were the only ones capable of manufacturing a certain product for them.
They said it not out of sympathy, but out of respect for our engineering abilities.
In any area, if you are committed to manufacturing things in a way that you alone are capable of, you can make yourself valuable.
We coined the word ”Creating value for society” so that we would never forget what happened to us — and what we felt — at that time.
For us at Daisan·, “Creating value for society” means acquiring the abilities that people need.
It is an idea that served as the starting point for what Daisan· is today, a point of departure that all of us at the company believe as a treasure.

Our philosophy

Being interested in a variety
of things, and pushing ahead to
achieve new things.

Let Daisan· do the challenge.

The most valuable thing about Daisan· is that we constantly challenge ourselves to make products in new ways.
If no one else would do it, let us do it.
If it looks impossible, then it’s the perfect challenge for us.
Taking on new challenges involves risks, but you will never exceed expectations if you simply copy what has been done before.
Being aware of the risks, we tackle any challenge,
and if we are truly dedicated to succeeding, then we believe success is assured.
And the new techniques we have learned will help us to develop the essential device’s mass-production system for all industries, and can make us an indispensable partner for our customers.
If a manufacturing method is easy enough to be carried out by someone else, then it is not exciting enough.
Whether we can enjoy the challenge or not is more important than if we are actually able to do it or not.
At Daisan·, our ambition is to always feel grateful for every challenge that comes on our way.

Our guidelines for action

Never fear a change;
always take on challenges.

Make today different from yesterday.
Make today a day that transforms tomorrow.

Reporting, communication, discussion is a must. The person receiving the information must comply with the principle O.HI.TA.SHI.
O: OKORANAI (not angry)
HI: HITEISHINAI (not to be negated)
SHI: SHIJISURU (out directive)
At the scene, there is a need for active dialogue to be able to come up with ideas.
Before thinking of something as "impossible", start with the question, "How can I solve it?"
We are a team that enjoys achieving difficult things.
We should keep in mind that “How to make it better; How to avoid the same old mistakes by reviewing?
By sharing improvement to each other, mistakes will become experience”
Customer perception is always a top priority. Create customer trust and acceptance for your company.
To the question "Does this entrust DAISAN to be okay?" The answer must be "great".
Immediate response - immediate decision - immediate action. The quick and flexible response is DAISAN's number one strength. First of all, "Act real" quickly, then spend a lot of time to detail the problem.
We must adapt to changing times, learn new things and still hold unchanging principles. When learning and innovation go hand in hand, we can get evolution.
You should think that "Not somebody else, it’s my job". Strength of responsibility makes you do a good job. Let’s create high performance together.
Recruiting and training many ideal candidates are a key to the success. The recruitment strategy is a major factor in the business strategies
Remember: The result of the recruitment is based on the everyone’s help during the training period. Let’s train new members to surpass ourselves.
Both collaboration among colleagues in the company and teamwork partnership business cooperation should be fostered to improve customer satisfaction. By working together towards a shared aim, the company is committed to providing client service to the highest standards.
To make a perfect machine, technique-experience-intellect are not enough. Health is indispensable. Create a healthy environment to stimulate creativity and positive thoughts!