A message from the president

When I was small, I wanted to do something that other people would not do. When I took over the business from my father, I decided to transform the company into producing the original facilities. When we started out on that path, our technical abilities were still in the infancy. However since then, we have made it to a point that we make our machines meet customer’s requirements.

We are committed to never running away from jobs, even jobs that other companies do not want. Even when a job seems impossible, we are committed to discovering opportunities. On the basis of these two commitments, we have honed our technical abilities, to the point that we now have the satisfaction of hearing customers who tell us that we are the only company capable of doing their jobs. Now, even corporate research labs working with next-generation technologies trust in our company’s technical abilities as well.

Our aim is to be the engineers who consistently build machines in original ways and are always needed. This is the reason that we chose “Creating value for society” as one of our motto. And the fact that we have run our company based on that motto, without worrying about numbers and budget, is the crucial reason why we have been able to keep growing to this point. Above all, we are simply grateful that the customers come to us for our one of a kind technology.

At Daisan·, we will continue to provide values by creating the facilities in ways that only we are capable of. For an engineer, this sort of work is a blessing. In the future, Daisan·, a truly one-of-a-kind company, will continue to push ahead to be able to exceed your expectations.

Tomokatsu Tanaka, president