If you have a plan of mass-producing
your essential device, please contact us.

Manufacturing process

Conference of
Specification and

This step is very important than how your machines will be built. Please come to us at the very beginning, during the development stage when you are still wondering how to create your essential devices. We will work with you to solve problems you may be facing. We can build the machines to meet the foreign standards as well.

Conceptual design

We create a fully customized machine for mass-producing your essential device, working from the principle of one technology per company.

Detailed design

We are very particular about meeting your deadline and budget. We care very much about designing the machines for more satisfying usabilities. We also care about having an attractive design for the customer’s satisfaction. We can do these things because we treat each design as completely one of a kind.

Purchasing and
parts production

We arrange the materials due to the schedule of assemblies. We manufacture the machines’ components with high quality at low cost, which we can make it happen because we manufacture them at either in-house production or with partner companies.


We assemble the machines based on the assembling plan.
We assemble it with care for every detail, such as parallel and vertical angles, plumbing, and sliding.

Wiring works

We carry out the electrical work in such a way that the equipment will be easy to use and maintain, and also is pleasing to the eye.

Debug and test

We verify the equipment will operate normally under any conditions.

Confirmation by customer

When the facilities of mass production is almost completion, we have you come to our premises to verify whether it meets your expectations.


At your plant, whether in Japan or overseas, our staff positions, installs, and constructs the operation system.

Operation instruction
and acceptance

We explain how to use the facilities to the operator.
Our staff also verifies that it produces your essential devices perfectly, and monitors the production flow.

Customer service

If you have a demand of remodeling the equipments and facilities while using the machines, Daisan· experienced staff will respond quickly.